Setting up your entire home or even one room in it to look like a classroom will put you on the fast-track to feelings of failure. Sitting at a desk will not make your child an academic any more than standing in the kitchen will make him the next winning contestant of “Top Chef.” The two are not tethered to one another. The same goes for other atypical school tools like chalkboards, learning centers, or the educational posters that grace the walls of most North American classrooms. While all of these can help to organize and motivate learning for the masses, they are more of a distraction and hindrance to learning at home. Confused about electric garage doors then you are not the only one.

A homeschool works best when it is family-friendly and welcoming to all members of the home. Caging older children in a designated “classroom” all day presents three obvious problems to homeschooling. First, if you have little ones who are not yet of school age, you will have to decide whether to (A) rope off the room with yellow caution tape and send the little ones into other areas of the home to fend for themselves or (B) invite them into the school space and run the risk of hurricane-hands yanking books off shelves and upturning science projects. Taking interest in garage door repairs may not be a bad thing.

The former poses serious safety concerns, and the latter creates unnecessary chaos and frustration.Second, a home “classroom” can easily make you feel like an overworked piece of taffy. The jobs of playing wife, mother, and teacher get separated into zones, pulling you in a million different directions—from the schoolroom to the laundry room to the schoolroom to the kitchen to the schoolroom to the home office and back again. But by spreading school all around and allowing your children to learn wherever you happen to be, you can lead the homeschool day but not be chained to it. You can prepare lunch while listening to your first grader read aloud, or fold a load of laundry while reviewing the eleven body systems with your middle schooler. We know a company that can help with aerial installation in the Lincolnshire area.

Last, a “classroom” can inadvertently shape a lazy learner. If his learning always happens in a certain space, at a certain time, and with certain tools, your child will begin to think that learning can only ever happen that way. Kids who are allowed to sit at the dining room table, lounge on the couch, lie in a hammock in the yard, or even sprawl out on a blanket at the park will see that learning can happen anywhere, at any time, and in many different ways. Through homeschooling, the world can be a classroom. Your child can form a one-piece life because his living and learning get to be fused together. Do roller garage doors take a long time?

Granted, it is helpful to designate specific spaces for storing all the books, papers, and learning tools that inevitably accumulate during the homeschooling years. But this may be done simply by placing a few bookshelves in a child’s bedroom, converting the dining room china hutch into a school cabinet, or relinquishing a kitchen cupboard for art supply storage. Don’t take the home out of homeschooling by forcing a classroom into it. That’s a fool’s errand that will only end in disaster. Starting with aerial repairs is not a bad place to begin.

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